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Many of the things that make Golden State Energy unique today are direct reflections of the man who founded the company. Known for his creativity, energy, and enthusiasm, Tom Damberger gave us more than the company name - he gave us his vision and a legacy to follow.

Today, the company delivers services to clients nationwide through its partnerships. For over quarter of a century, Mr. Damberger has applied our legacy of insight, innovation, and integrity to advance our customers' core business objectives of reducing operational costs.

Thomas Damberger

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Thomas Damberger is the President and CEO at Golden State Energy. He is recognized internationally as a leader in fuel cells and energy generation. Dr. Damberger is also recognized for his work in plasma energy for the conversion of medical and hazardous waste into a hydrogen-rich gas and glassy slag.

Dr. Damberger is aggressively deploying distributed generation, cogeneration and imbedded site server with iNET gateway technologies at client facilities. The iNET gateway allows participation in programs such as the Demand Response, and 20/20 Programs, and real time pricing. Other technologies include ultra-low emission natural-gas turbines, microturbines as VFD's, flywheel energy storage, fuel cells (PEM, Phosphoric Acid, & Molten Carbonate), chilled water storage, and photovoltaic arrays. He has been responsible for project development of distributed generation assets of 250 million square feet nationwide of high-rise buildings, PowerParks, grocery chains, and governmental agencies.

Thomas Damberger


Professional Positions



Thomas Damberger

Thomas Damberger

Selected Published Papers

Published Quotations