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Services Offered

Taking Control of Your Energy Future

At Golden State Energy, simply fulfilling our customers' energy requirements in a cost effective manner is not good enough. We deliver integrated, full-service solutions that anticipate changing customer needs and set new industry standards. How? By installing cutting-edge technologies like advanced reciprocating engines, fuel cells, low NOx advanced turbines, and best practice processes. And we take customer service to the highest level by making customer service our top priority.

We invite you to experience the Golden State Energy difference. Our three core services of a cogeneration project include integration of central plant with power modules, balancing of system, and commissioning of the project. End-to-end services are tailored for your corporate needs: Energy Purchase Agreement, Equipment Purchase, or a combination of equity position and participation in the project.

And there's more. With the expertise we bring, we can service virtually every industry around the globe - we are the industry's single source for integrated end-to-end solutions.

Energy Management

Helping Clients Reduce Energy Costs

Deregulation of the utility industry, high costs, and rolling blackouts have created significant savings opportunities for commercial, institutional and industrial customers. Golden State Energy's on-site energy opportunity teams develop detailed energy savings plans, delivering savings to clients through reduced energy costs and consumption. Through our strategic partnerships, our Distributed Generation, Demand Side Management, and Strategic Energy Management programs customers benefit from our ability to aggregate combined energy loads of all our customers to participate in the real-time market found in market driven Demand Reduction Programs. We have partnered with complementary service providers who can maximize energy savings strategies and diversify your energy portfolio. By targeting both supply components (unit cost) and demand components (consumption), we offer clients greater savings than they could achieve on their own in the competitive marketplace.

Our energy and management professionals specialize in:

Project Development/Project Management

Smarter Strategy-Faster Delivery-Superior Results

Golden State Energy, along with our Fortune 50 and Fortune 200 partners, are one of the top quality project development and project management service providers in North America. Our unmatched nationwide coverage and flexible resources enable us to source, underwrite and execute development opportunities on behalf of our customers with a consistent process and risk mitigation perspective. We insulate your operations with a cost-effective but reliable energy source preventing lost productivity and product due to rolling blackouts. Our programmatic approach - coupled with unparalleled partnership-results in faster delivery of commodity or equipment, superior execution, and the best national and local coordination for clients with facilities in multiple locations.

Over a century of experience enables us to plan, manage and execute the full menu of project management services, from concept to commissioning. We'll help you assess your real energy needs, then capitalize on our purchasing power, engineering and construction resources, and the experience to custom design a risk-free energy solution that works for you.

E-Engineering Service

Golden State Energy offers complete design & engineering services (including Computer Aided Design and Drafting) support to the engineering community for traditional civil, electrical and mechanical production of plans and specifications. Our teams of multi-disciplinary engineers and designers can speed up the turn-around time for our clients. Your in-house project managers can now leverage their time by outsourcing these activities to meet critical deadlines.

Our e-Engineering Services allow us to provide around-the-clock development of your projects through our cost competitive technology-based offerings. Our offerings are competitive with prevailing market rates. Using our resources allows you to be more competitive since we offer the service at a fraction of your current cost. Give us a call and we will provide a bid comparison at no cost.

We work thorough your project manager at all times, there is never direct contact with your customers. e-Engineering Services is a resource your company needs with the capability of a fully staffed engineering house-without the associated overhead. Capitalize on better margins for each project. You can now be more competitive and focus on winning the next bid.

Our services offered allow a small office turn out work equivalent to several large offices-for a fraction of the cost and time. No need to staff up and down as project volume changes. Never turn down work due to a fully saturated workload. Finally, you'll be able to run your business from a laptop with a cell phone while on vacation-a dream for independent consultants!

Contact our Engineering Support Services for a quote.

Measurement & Virification (M&V) Services

Golden State Energy offers M&V services on a consulting basis for our client base to meet program requirements for many of today's popular incentive programs.

Our M&V services include conducting pre- and post-audits, documenting baseline, filing and processing application paperwork, monitoring performance, documenting post installation savings as well as preparing and submitting periodic M&V reports per program requirements. Fees are generally paid out of program incentives received-there are no upfront costs to the applicant.

Contact our Engineering Support Services for a quote.

Aggregate Load Management Service

Golden State Energy can turn your electric meter from a billing instrument for the utility into a revenue generation meter through several incentive programs. It can generate a revenue stream for customers with any demand over 300 kW connected load, through aggregated participation in the State Demand Response, 20/20, and Demand Reserve Programs 2002-2007.

We aggregate small curtailable loads into a dispatchable portfolio, and bid into the wholesale market. This generates a revenue stream for small to medium sized customers with multiple facilities. We install all the required telemetry (hardware, software and meters) to enable sites to participate in these incentive programs. There is no upfront cost to the end-user. Our Internet based service is real-time data access available to you for energy use and cost information on a portfolio basis.

We monitor and update facility use patterns to help you predict facility use in advance to assist in load shedding/shifting/shaping to create and optimize a facility peak load control/response program.

Contact our Engineering Support Services for a quote.