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About Us

Your Supplier of a Diversified Portfolio of Energy TechnologiesOur vision is to be the very best at what we do. And our strategy to accomplish this combines a commitment to superior service for the customer with a platform of professional resources that allows us to deliver on that promise. This approach has allowed us to maintain a leading role in the energy industry.

Technology is the engine that drives societal change, and the energy world as we once knew it also has changed. The paradigm shift has taken place-businesses have discovered that taking control of their own energy future allows greater control over their budgeting process. Business owners have found that our end-to-end solutions helped insulate their operations from the rolling blackouts and power quality issues. Manufacturer unit cost of production drops significantly making them more competitive in the marketplace.

Technology is driving not only how we conduct business but it is also driving the way we do business. Golden State Energy's operating structure is technology neutral. We believe that one technology does not fit all. We bring you the right technology that fits your energy needs. Whether you need kilowatts or megawatts, advanced reciprocating engines, advanced turbines, or fuel cells, we will recommend the best solution for your application.

Anticipate, define, solve, and deliver.

We work in an innovative environment that enables us to help our clients anticipate, define, and solve the issues that are important to their success. We have the knowledge resources, world-class skills, state-of-the-art technology, and creativity to be a trusted business advisor. And we've developed a network of strategic alliances to help us deliver energy solutions even more quickly, anywhere in the world.

Our Objectives – Focus on Delivery

Golden State Energy is a Reliability Solutions company providing a secure energy portfolio and other generation products for our client base. On behalf of our clients, we capitalize on the complete range of energy technologies and market conditions to maximize savings and efficiency. We help you seize the opportunities created by utility deregulation and the rapid commercialization of new distributed technologies. Our mission is to provide lower cost, higher reliability, and environmentally sustainable energy as a provider for today's power intensive users. Our mission includes negotiating the lowest price possible by obtaining high volume discounts from manufacturers of packaged generation equipment. Through our partnerships, we will install, own, operate, and maintain all projects unless negotiated otherwise. As a subset, we intend to create a regional dispatchable power source, taking full advantage of market opportunities by providing a resource to the grid.

How We Deliver

We transform what previously had been an expense item (utility service) into a revenue source for owners of commercial facilities by creating a virtual private utility. Internet access to, and management of real time data allows us to control energy supply and demand both from traditional sources and onsite high-efficiency generation technologies. The aggregated buying power of our customer base, combined with our application of advanced technologies, creates operating savings, which when capitalized, produces increased investment value and increased revenues.

This opportunity exists today due to the convergence of utility deregulation, advances in small reliable generation technologies and the advent of Internet platforms for managing the use, purchase, production and dispatch of energy and information. These circumstances have created the opportunity for a virtual power grid. The result is consumer choice, greater reliability, lower cost, and environmental improvements.